Faculty-based Learning Support

Help is available from your faculty if you wish to improve your grades or need support with your academic performance.

Each faculty has a learning support and/or development tutors' (LS/DT) service that offers support and advice to students within that faculty.

Support can be delivered in the form of workshops, software tutorials, or faculty-specific course or academic skills support - this varies across faculties.

Academic Skills Unit (ASK) Support

The Academic Skills Unit (ASK) can help you understand and develop your thinking, writing and organisational skills. They offer confidential, personalised tutorials to students on essential academic skills needed to be successful at higher education level (thinking, writing, reading and learning).

Students may be encouraged to approach ASK, following contact with a faculty-based learning support or development tutor, however sessions are available to all, regardless of skill level, course or level of study (undergraduate, postgraduate and research).