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Extenuating Circumstances


The Extenuating Circumstances procedure is there to help with difficulties with your health or personal life, which have negatively impacted your ability to attend, complete or submit an assessment on time. Generally speaking, serious long-term circumstances that have a significant effect on your ability to study will be expected to result in you requesting a suspension of your studies rather than extenuating circumstances.

It is helpful to speak with your Personal Tutor, so that you can get support from your academic department. If they are aware of your difficulties they can provide you with a statement to support your online ECF submission.

If you attend an exam or submit an assignment on time, you have declared yourself ‘Fit to Sit’ and an ECF is highly unlikely to be accepted. An ECF will only be considered if you are unable to submit coursework on time, missed an exam or were taken ill during an exam.


You must complete and submit the ECF by the following dates for both coursework and exams:

  • Teaching Block 1 (inc the assessment period and directed activity that follows): 12th February 2021
  • Teaching Block 2 (inc the Formal Examination Period that follows): 18th June 2021
  • Referral Period: 30th July 2021
  • Summer Block: 17th September 2021

If valid, for Exam assessments you will receive a deferral exam in the referral period.

For Coursework assessments you will have either:

The additional 10 working days of the late submission period to submit your work, if sufficient, or

  1. A deferral piece of work to be submitted in the referral period at the end of the year, if the circumstances are such that 10 working days is not sufficient to remedy the situation

    You should hear back with a decision for your ECF within 10 working days. You should be sent an email and the decision will be posted on your Student View - My Results - View, Add or Amend EC Claim.


To request support through the Extenuating Circumstances procedure you will need to complete the online form including providing the following:

A Statement of Case

  • Outline your current circumstances describe how you have been affected by them in this period of time and why you feel like you are unable to complete your work to your true ability.
  • What outcome you would like your ECF to have.
  • Give details of what evidence you have to support your circumstances
  • You can also describe any support that you have or are receiving,
  • Include all relevant information as clearly and concisely as possible, usually no more than 500 words.

Evidence as required (see table). To apply, you need go to the My Results section of your Student View and submit a claim. There are more instructions on how to use Student View on MyPort.

Covid-19 Changes

Please note that in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, The University has taken the following measures:

Extending existing criteria for extenuating circumstance to include the following:

  • A student following government advice to self-isolate due to COVID-19 may submit extenuating circumstances to self-certify for up to 14 days, and may self-certify more than once within the time period permissible for ECFs;
  • A student may submit extenuating circumstances for computing difficulties, to reflect that more students will now be working remotely;
  • A student who works either full-time or part-time in one of the professions defined by the government as a key profession may submit extenuating circumstances for work commitments. In these circumstances the ECF period of self-certification may be longer than 10 days but must be proportional to the impact of the circumstance on a student's ability to study. Any self-certification periods beyond the defined 14 days are to be approved by the Course Leader;
  • A student with additional caring responsibilities (for example where a school closes, and their child is now at home) may submit for extenuating circumstances;
  • A student who has pre-booked holidays during the Easter/Summer holidays may submit a valid extenuating circumstance for any work where the submission date, date of assessment, or the period where the student would have been expected to have been working on preparing the assessment now falls into the holiday period due to a change.

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