The Student Complaint procedure exists because the University knows that sometimes things can go wrong and you may not be having the positive experiences they would wish for you. A Complaint could be submitted because of problems which have occurred with the course, a University Service or a member of Staff. To make a complaint about another student, you must use the Code of Student Behaviour.

The Process

  1. Resolve the problems informally:
    This means communicating (calmly) with the people involved most closely with the issue you are experiencing.
  2. Formal complaint:
    If you have spoken to the person concerned and you cannot settle the issue informally then you have the right to submit a formal complaint

    1. A formal complaint should be made in writing or online and submitted as soon as reasonably possible.
    2. You cannot make a complaint after 20 working days from when the incident occurred, or from when attempts at informal resolution have been completed.
    3. You may withdraw your formal complaint at any given time, at which the matter is closed.
  3. If your complaint is found to be valid it should take no more than 30 working days to investigate, after which you will be issued with a formal report of the outcome. The Complaints department will delegate the investigation to appropriate people.

How the Union Advice Service can help

We can:

  • guide you through the Student Complaint Procedure

  • help with identifying and accessing support that may be beneficial to you with the issues you are experiencing

  • help develop your complaint statement

  • accompany you to meetings

  • advise you if you feel you have been subjected to unfair treatment

For support with the Complaints Procedure please submit a support request form and we can arrange an appointment to go through it in more detail.

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