Exclusion for non-academic reasons

This page covers Withdrawal of Services, Exclusion and Appeals for Exclusions.

Withdrawal of Services

This can be initiated for non-payment of tuition fees; non-production of personal identification, course entry qualifications and a valid term time address; non-satisfactory criminal conviction checks; and non-compliance with the University’s attendance and engagement policy (International students only).

The University will write to you and inform you of the issues, usually via email. After this a withdrawal of services is issued. This means:

  • Withdrawal of students on the Student Records System

  • Communication, to all staff and partners involved, that non-compliant students have been put on the Withdrawal of Services process.

  • Withdrawal of University services such as IT and Library Facilities. Should you require IT access to complete an electronic exam/submit electronic coursework, you will need to make your Department/School aware of this fact as per the 'University Exclusion and Appeals Policy 2016/17’ so temporary access can be given.

  • Commencement of arrangements, if appropriate, for a change in accommodation

  • Any assessments submitted with deadlines, or examinations taken on days within the Withdrawal of Services period cannot be marked.

  • You must continue to attend/engage in your studies and submit work as normal during this period. This is in anticipation that your services will be quickly restored to normal.


If a student who has received a Withdrawal of Services does not rectify the issue for which this was given within 4 weeks, an Exclusion notification will be sent out. This means that you will cease to be a student at the University of Portsmouth. If you have been excluded you will have to reapply through Admissions next year, should you wish to continue your studies. You would be expected to meet ALL registration requirements and provide the relevant evidence/documentation as requested at that time.

Appeals for Exclusions

A student may appeal an exclusion if it meets the following grounds:

  • There has been a material administrative error

  • The decision is perverse by reference to the evidence available.

  • There is information, previously not available for a good and acceptable reason, which might reasonably be considered to have affected the University’s decision to exclude the student if it had been known to the University at the time the decision was made. The University will expect the Extenuating Circumstances procedure to have been followed, if appropriate, and where students have been unable to use this process, there are sound and acceptable reasons for these circumstances.

  • The tuition fee has been settled in full and the Head of Department considers that it is still academically viable for the student to resume studies in this academic year (applicable for tuition fee exclusions only).

  • The relevant documentation has now been provided (applicable for qualifications, term-time address and criminal convictions only).

The appeal must be received within 20 working days of the exclusion and all registration criteria including the one in default must have been met.

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