Transferring Course or University

For a variety of reasons some students consider transferring courses or institutions. Before making any decision to transfer from your course, please make sure that you consider in depth, the reasons behind your decision and discuss whether there may be any alternatives to support you to continue with your studies. We are here to provide impartial advice and guidance and support and might be able to help you solve any problems you’ve encountered on your course.

  A transfer is not automatically guaranteed

Usually changing course is not possible after the first two weeks of the academic year. If you do wish to transfer after the two-week period it is likely that you will need to defer entry on to your new course and suspend studies until the next academic year. Students may, however, transfer after this two-week period as long as the structures of the programmes are sufficiently similar to not cause you an academic disadvantage.

Implications of Transferring


For either internal or external transfers you will need to discuss with both the Student Finance Centre in Nuffield Building and Student Finance England (if you are receiving funding from them), changes in your course or University. Any changes can have implications in terms of your fees. You may not be funded to the same level if you choose to change course and may have to pay different fees. You may find you are due a refund.


If you are considering transferring you may need to discuss accommodation and housing arrangements with Halls of Residence Staff or the relevant person responsible for your tenancy contract.

How the Union Advice Service can help

We can help you...

  • understand the transfer process and alternatives that might be available for you

  • contact your Personal Tutor and other relevant departments if you would like us to

  • find additional support if you feel this would be beneficial

For support with the Transfer Process please submit a support request form and we can arrange an appointment to go through it in more detail.

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