Withdrawing from University

Submitting a Withdrawal will terminate your registration in both the programme of study and all units associated with it, and any assessment entitlements, with effect from the last date of attendance as recorded on the Withdrawal Form.

Implications of Withdrawing


If you do decide to withdraw from your course, you may be liable for tuition fees depending on when the University receives your withdrawal form. If you are eligible for a tuition fee loan you will still be able to access this to cover your fee liability. If you withdraw from your course and do not enrol at another university, you will become liable for loan repayments from the April after you leave if you are earning over the repayment threshold.


If you are considering withdrawing you may need to discuss accommodation and housing arrangements with Halls of Residence Staff or the relevant person responsible for your tenancy contract regarding your tenancy and contract. The University’s Student Housing Services are available to offer advice and guidance on how withdrawing may impact your accommodation, whether it be Halls of Residence or private accommodation.

We are here to provide impartial advice and guidance and support and might be able to help you solve any problems you’ve encountered.

How the Union Advice Service can help

We can help you...

  • understand how to withdraw from your studies and the implications of doing so

  • see if there are alternatives

  • contact your Personal Tutor and other relevant departments if you would like us to

  • review your written request

  • find additional support if you feel you would benefit from it

For support with the Withdrawal Procedure please submit a support request form and we can arrange an appointment to go through it in more detail.

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