Distance learning

Top tip for studying outside of Portsmouth

Starting a distance learning course can be daunting, here are some tips to get you started on your new adventure.

1, Get to know your course materials

Take the time to learn about and explore your online learning environment as soon as you can. That way if you have any questions you can find out the answers before your course begins.

MyPort, Moodle and the University Library are all invaluable online resources during your time at university. 

2. Get prepared and make a plan

As a distance learner you set your own schedule, aside from exams and assessment dates of course. Set aside and and stick to regular short bursts to study rather than longer sessions attempting to cram in too much information. Use your flexibility to your advantage. 

3. Create your study space

It's a good idea to find a space that you can use to study which is comfortable and free from distraction. This could be a quiet spot at home or somewhere completely different - try out the spaces in your local library, or even a local cafe. 

4. Boast!

Talking to friends, family and colleagues is a great way to stay motivated. Tell others about what you've achieving, it's amazing! 

5. Keep in touch

Regular contact with your tutor is essential to staying motived on your course. If you haven't spoken to them in months, it can be daunting to show up out of the blue with a question. Even if you don't feel like you have anything to ask, keeping in touch can be a good way to stay up to date and pick up some helpful tips from the experts.

6. Find other students

Getting in touch with other students can be a great way to swap ideas and make friends. Try joining one of our Student Networks, an online forum like The Student Room or even one of the UPSU's student led groups. Groups like the E-Sports society and student media have different opportunities to meet new people or get involved with something new.  

7. Treat yourself

All work and no play can make it difficult to succeed on any course, so don't be afraid to reward your achievements. Treating yourself for achieving your goals will help to motivate, give yourself a sense of progress and help you see how much you've achieved. 

8. Look after yourself

If you don't understand new information it can be disheartening. When you feel like this, stop, and breathe. Sometimes you need a break. This will help with how your headspace, take a step back and give yourself a moment. We're all human. 

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