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Studying at home over the holidays

Hitting the books with home comforts.

Some of us are lucky enough to have all our hand ins done and dusted before the winter break. For others, they have a few more weeks to crack those Firsts. But the downside? Studying and working over the holidays. 

Although it initially may seem nice; back to your bedroom, home cooked dinners, surrounded by friends and family… it might be quite distracting to get work done. The temptation to binge watch Christmas TV or overindulge and put it off until tomorrow. 

But if you do this, you’ll find that it’ll be days before your hand in and you’ll be panicking that you haven’t been as productive as you could have. 

Not to worry! Here’s our top tips for home studying!

Put some time aside

Booking out some time in your diary for when you’re going to work can be really helpful, and letting others know that's what you’re doing so they can let you crack on with work without distracting you (no matter how tempting the Wallace and Gromit rerun is).

Motivate yourself to actually work

If you can’t resist the annual tradition of The Wrong Trousers, work towards it. If there is something you really want to do, start in the morning and break to take part. Or you can only sit down to watch it if you’ve finished the next chapter. 

Reward yourself for the work you’ve done.

Break it down - do a little each day

If you have a few thousand word essays to write, break it down instead. It can be overwhelming to think ‘I have to write 3000 words by the end of the week!’ Instead think ‘I have to write 500 words today’ for five days. When you break it down into smaller chunks, it can feel much more manageable.

Find somewhere to work

However much you’ve convinced yourself you can write an essay in bed - you can’t. Get to a place where you can actually work, like the kitchen table or even in the library and be in an environment where you can actually get some work done.


No, not rolls of dice, or little figures, Do Not Disturb. Turn off your phone, ask people not to bother you and get on with it!

Take time off to relax

I mean, it is the holidays, and you need to recharge before the New Year. So do take some time off, some time to see family and friends, and some time for you - you deserve it!

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