Grab your boo, you know what to do.

Valentine's Day panic? We've got you sorted!

If the heart shaped chocolates, red and pink cards and over-sized teddy bears hasn’t given it away - Valentine’s Day is coming up quick!

Suddenly entering that last minute panic where bae has hinted that they have the perfect gift for you and you have… er… nothing? Don’t panic! TOTUM have you covered!


Who doesn’t want to receive a dozen red roses? Or, let's be honest, flowers in general? People love receiving flowers, and you can get bonus points for a cute card attached to it. Never mind the hayfever, this present is a total winner. 

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The sickly sweet, lovey-dovey, overly romantic, gag-inducing cards you see in the shops not for you? Us either. We like a great card, a cultural reference, a pun and a great laugh. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be too soppy.

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Socks are an underrated gift in our opinion. Once you hit Uni, you don’t want to spend your money on socks; you want to spend it going out out and pizza! Even if all your socks are more holes than material. But, there is nothing better than a great pair of socks. Brightly coloured ones, warm fuzzy ones, ones with faces on… socks are the way to go. 

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Game Accessories

They’ve got the gaming system, so you don’t need to worry about splashing out on that. But if you can drag them away from Call of Duty of Fifa long enough to give them their gift, give them something they’ll appreciate and every time they use it - they’ll think of you.

Win win.

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Need I say more?

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Be gift savvy

What to buy the boo who has everything? Get them something they will really love; from film to games, music and misc. The choices are endless!

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What about Galentines/ Palentines day?

Because you need a break from all those numbers blowing up your phone 

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Spending Valentines alone?

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Check out the TOTUM website for more amazing deals and offers this Valentine's Day!

However you spend Valentine’s Day, and whoever you spend it with, have a great, safe time with 25% off Durex.


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