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How to make time for your passions

Trying to balance studying, work and a social life especially with the stress of university can be hard. Often as a result, the hobbies that we're passionate about end up as an afterthought.

University is a huge commitment and often takes up a lot of time, whether you're at home, doing maybe a few too many hours in the library or are in lectures. So at times we can all be guilty of pushing our hobbies or things that help us to relax onto the back-burner in favour of sleeping or studying. 

Though don't worry - it's natural to put off activities you'd normally indulge in during stressful times. Here are some of our tips on making time for yourself and things that you're passionate about. 

Join a society or club

If there's something you're particularly passionate about, why not looking at joining a society or sports group? They already have the facilities and often organised sessions to get involved with. There is also so much to choose from that you might even find a brand new passion that you didn't know you had. 

Put off procrastinating

Procrastination is an easy trap. One second you're watching a video on the breakdown of a topic that you were definitely researching and the next you're watching a video about a cat who sounds like Morgan Freeman. Only it's actually been 3 hours. Instead, a hobby is a more constructive use of time, and as it's productive you can feel less guilty. Try using your hobby as a reward for studying, which will help chase away procrastination before it starts. 

Set aside time

Obvious, but effective. With trying to take more time for yourself, consistency is key, once you've got a routine, making time for your hobby will become even easier. 

Stress less

If you notice yourself becoming overwhelmed and over stressed, you need to take a step back and take time for yourself. Take a break to indulge in your hobbies instead, release stress and be refreshed in time to start more productively the next day. 

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