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Top Shows to Binge Watch

We've got some top picks on what should be your next show to binge on at home

You may have seen the show and thought this one isn’t for you because you’re not interested in a show about hackers. However, Mr. Robot has a lot more up his sleeve than just hacking and it shows it by immersing watchers in its world through Rami Malek’s narrative and his view on society very similar to our own.

If Rami Malek as lead didn’t convince you, Julia Roberts in this show is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. The show follows Roberts’ involvement with a facility designed to help soldiers transition from the military into civilian life. WIth only 10 episodes and unpredictable plot development it is no wonder why we think it is worth a binge.

While the first two on the list are more on the serious side, Good Omens brings a more humorous view on the possible end of the world with the help of arguably the best duo out there - David Tennant and Michael Sheen. Oh, and did we mention it only has 6 episodes?

A mood-booster guaranteed to make you laugh and maybe even inspire you to explore your own cooking talents. If like us, you’re in need of more reasons to laugh in these uncertain times, we recommend this one for those evening binges.

This one is a recommendation for fantasy lovers and those who simply enjoy daydreaming about other worlds. Following Orlando Bloom as a detective with a dark past and Cara Delavine as a refugee fairy, trying to uncover the deep secrets of evil powers in industrial London, this series is sure to take you on an adventure.

Need we explain why the Office is on this list? A classic among classics when we’re talking about comedy. With all 9 seasons available on Amazon Prime, it is one to add to the rewatch list of April 2020.

This show follows the lives of three siblings Kevin, Kate and Randall in their pursuit of happiness and better life. Compared to the others on the list this one follows a more true to life plot. It is sure to make you laugh, cry and want to learn more and more about the characters.

Grey’s Anatomy is another one of those classics which make you fall for its characters, sympathise with them, cry with them and be proud when they get through life as surgical interns. You can watch this one with your flatmates or family at home because it is good for all and is without a doubt binge-worthy.

The Tick is a series about an accountant who teams up with an unusual superhero to unveil the evils of the world they live in. The show is different from other superhero series in that the lead is not the superhero but Arthur, a normal powerless character. This, together with the endless humor in every 20 minute episode, makes it an obvious choice for our list.

Saving the best for last, Fleabag is a must-watch. The story revolves around a dry-witted woman going through life’s hurdles. It is light-hearted and laughter-inducing as well as being brilliantly emotional. If you’re thinking “How can it be that good?”, just give it a go and you’ll see why it received six Emmy awards in 2019.

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