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Celebrating in lockdown

With lockdown still in place across the UK, though with new guidance this week many of us will have special occasions during Covid-19.

As strange as the current circumstances are there are still ways to celebrate special occasions while we're social distancing. So here are some top tips on making the most of any special day.


Probably not what you were expecting as our first top tip. But acceptance is really important. With the massive changes that have brought us to this 'new normal' it's important to be aware of your mental health. Try to remember that there's nothing that can be done to change the immediate situation. 

Cake is good at any time of the year, right? 

Change up your routine

So whether it's a birthday or an anniversary, it's an important day! Do something different in your routine to celebrate the milestone and make it different to your normal routine. Whether you make that cake yourself, call a good friend for a catch up or try something brand new, just do it!

Find a new way

Okay, so that might feel a little ridiculous. But a lot of companies at the moment are still running online services, being able to deliver celebration supplies like balloons etc. Or if you're feeling particularly inspired, then get crafting! Grab a housemate or younger siblings and get crafty, make cards or presents for the people you're with. 

Technology can bridge the gap

There's technology everywhere. Can you imagine being in lockdown without your phone? Take advantage of it and call your loved ones, this is especially important if you're isolating alone. There's also loads of things online to get involved with at the moment, whether it's an online quiz, a virtual tour of a museum/art gallery, or sing along session. Video call the people you'd want to celebrate with and get them all involved. 

Stay positive

So particularly at the moment this is easier said than done, but why not make plans for things to do after lockdown and give you something to look forward to? Talk to friends about something you're definitely gonna give a go when this is all over, even if it's as simple as catching a movie together. 

So while it might feel like there's no point, there are some simple ways to keep special occasions special and share them with those you care about. 

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