Freebies? Yes Pleasbies!

We all want free stuff whilst we're still in lockdown

Lockdown has gone either of two ways:

1. You're really saving some money - which is great! Not being able to buy coffee and lunch everyday and the temptation to go to your favourite local eatery instead of cooking has helped you to tighten those purse strings and put a few pennies away. 


2. You literally can't stop online shopping. You're getting a new parcel every day full of outfits which you can't wait to wear on a socially distant picnic. When you couldn't get pasta you bought a pasta maker to make your own because that was a great idea at the time. And now is the perfect time to completely redecorate your bedroom. And the living room. And you need more plants.

Whichever way you've been spending your lockdown, everyone likes a freebie. We're students, we love a freebie. 

Here are some of the best free bits we've found whilst in lockdown!

Sports, sports, sports!

Get NBA, NFL and MBL Season pass

Have you missed watching some good ol' sports? Some sports are slowly getting back out on the pitch or the court, but these free passes allow you to go back and watch videos from the season as well as classic archive games! Want to see Michael Jordan and his legendary performance in the 1998 NBA finals game 6 vs Utah Jazz? Well now you can.

How to sign up for free: NBA League Pass, NFL game pass, MLB season pass

How to watch: If you’ve got a smart telly, you can get the NFL and MBL via apps, or you can get them on Xbox or PlayStation. Alternatively, you can sign in via web and watch on there.

Listen to that

Free one month trial of Audible

Sometimes you want to read a book and do something else. In days of old, that wasn't possible - but now you can! Well, rather listen to one. Audible is currently offering the first 30 days free! Score! Most titles now have an audio version you can listen to - including some of your favourites, like Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter (his Hermione is flawless).

Also if you like your podcasts, they’ve also got a load of originals on there if you fancy listening to something new.

It’s easy to set up and would just need an amazon account. Here’s how to sign up.

or, just, like, you know, read a book?

Seems like the obvious thing, right? But what if you've actually made it through your 'To Read Pile'? Then what?

Well Kindle are giving you the opportunity to have unlimited books for the first two months, for free. Sweet.

You can consume every book you can in that time - from classics to the current bestsellers, there's a lot of choice out there! And the perfect thing to do whilst enjoying the sunshine (safely, of course). 

The best bit is, you don’t have to own a Kindle either – you can just download the kindle app onto your smart phone through your app store.

All you have to do is sign up using your Amazon account.

You want more free books!?

Okay, wow, you're really powering through those aren't you?

Not to worry, when your free trial ends, why not sign up to BookBub? It's a website which you can select your preferences of genre and author and they will send you either a daily or weekly email of the top picks for you. Some which will be free - woop! - other's which are at a really low price, like 99p. Okay, it's not free, but it's like, really cheap, so don't @ me okay?

Feeling fuzzy?

Weathering the storm – free in the Headspace meditation app

Headspace provides quality meditation and relaxing courses, especially useful if you want to find a good way to relax and de-stress.

Usually you have to pay a subscription to get full access to headspace which is £9.99 per month (there is a limited free version too), but they’re are offering a full course for you to listen to called ‘Weathering the storm'. 

Find out more information, or download it in your app store.

Theatre Nut

National Theatre At Home

Missing the smell of velvet seats? The sound of curtain call? The trill of theatre life?

Well, the National Theatre are streaming their performances so you don't get to miss out - or catch something you couldn't get tickets to.

Find out more information.

VHS player not working?

Can't watch all your favourite Disney classics? Worn out the DVD repeatedly listening to Let It Go?  We've all been there.

But, worry no more! You can get a 7 day free trial of Disney+! All your favourite classics, the Marvel series and Star Wars too. 

If you fall into the category of Disney and Theatre buff, time it right and you can catch Hamilton on there, to satisfy all your musical needs. In the words of The Rock as Maui, You're Welcome.

TV for daysss… literally

You've watched literally everything on Netflix, Amazon Prime and you're Disney-ed yourself out on your free Disney+ trial and you still want more? 

Fine. Well you asked for it.

You can get a 7 day free trial for NOWTV where you can sign up to different packages - TV, Entertainment, Kids, Movies, Sports - there is too much to choose from. Just remember to cancel!

I'm all freebie'd out. That's all I got. Have a fun free time.

Got a freebie you know about? Pop us an email at marketing@upsu.net and we'll share it!


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