The Instagrammer’s Guide to Portsmouth

One of the most photogenic cities you'll ever visit!

Portsmouth is a beautiful city, with hidden gems everywhere. If you have a keen eye for photography or just appreciate a beautiful view, check out our Instagrammer's Guide to some of the most breathtaking spots in the city, and maybe discover somewhere you’ve never seen before!

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Gunwharf Quays

Shopping more than ‘photo op’ springs to mind when you say Gunwharf Quays, but there are some gorgeous spots around for that perfect photo moment. Head to Gunwharf for particular holidays, especially Christmas, for some spectacular set ups for the picture perfect moment.

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The Spinnaker Tower

Inside Gunwharf, you have to stop by to see the crowning glory of the Portsmouth skyline - the Spinnaker Tower. This tower is absolutely iconic when it comes to Portsmouth, you can't have one without the other. Like cream tea and scones - speaking of which, visit the cafe at the top for some views of the Solent that you just can't get anywhere else. And, if you're brave enough, walk across the glass platform - don't look down! 

Photo Credit: @uoplibrary

Ravelin Park

Just outside the University Library, Ravelin Park is a right of passage for students to walk through, sit down and take a study break. If you’re lucky, you might spot the resident white squirrel Monty! Ravelin Park will look different once the new Sport Centre is complete, but it’s still a tranquil place for those quiet moments. 

Photo Credit: @sdavyo

Portsmouth City Museum

A great hidden gem in the city is Portsmouth City Museum and Gardens. Only a 5 minute walk from the University, it’s a great place to stop by and learn more about Portsmouth and its people. It’s free, has beautiful views and gardens and a little tea shop too! 

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The Historic Dockyard

The Historic Dockyards is a great day out; so much history and so much to see! The Victory, The Mary Rose, The Kiss, and the Victorian Christmas Market towards the end of the year! There is always something going on and it's a great way to soak up both culture and history. It's also great place to take some pictures too! So get ready for a history crash course and snap some pictures - it’s worth it!

Photo Credit: @joosefupas

Old Portsmouth

Old Portsmouth looks like it’s stuck in time - cobbled streets, quirky houses and some fantastic photo opportunities. The pubs alone are worth a visit. You’ll also get the chance to see the Hotwalls, the Beach, The Round and Square Towers, and my personal favourite, the Garrison Church - the church with no roof! So take a stroll down to Old Portsmouth of an evening, grab a drink and some snaps. 

Photo Credit: @isolated_perspective

Clarence Pier

The Pier is a wonderful destination for some cheap, old school fun. The nostalgia you'll feel! It’s brilliant to take a ride on some classic pier rides, get some chips or a doughnut and play some penny games. It makes you feel like a kid in the peak of summer. Not one to miss! 

Photo Credit: @lovesouthsea / @mihaiucj

Southsea Rose Garden and Japanese Garden

The Rose Garden and Japanese Garden are two little gems right by the sea front. When the roses are in full bloom, you’ll be awash with a beautifully fragrant backdrop for your photoshoot. The Japanese Garden is perfect for a chill and peaceful place to sit, with a lovely little Japanese inspired bridge too. Instagrammers heaven.

Photo Credit: @Southseaphotographer

Southsea Beach

Who can say no to an ice cream on our beloved Southsea beaches? How about a Southsea Pink and White? Perfect photo opportunity, cone in hand and toes in the sea! 

Photo Credit: @Portsmouthcitycouncil

Southsea Castle

Once belonging to Henry VIII, the iconic black and white tower is a must for any budding photographers. Take a stroll around the castle, some spectacular views of the sea and learn a thing or two whilst you're there! Win, win!

Photo Credit: @PortsmouthUni

Southsea Rock Garden

Another hidden gem in the city. Perfectly tranquil and peaceful, this is a great place to practice your photography skills.

Photo Credit: @Portsmouthguildhall

Guildhall and Guildhall Square

One of the most recognised buildings in Portsmouth, Guildhall is an Instagrammers dream. When it’s lit up at night, the perfect way the sun hits the clock tower at sunrise and the ice rink at Christmas time. The statues are also perfect for photo opportunities too! Did someone say Dickens?

Photo Credit: @sofialuisagill

Southsea Mural

Gorgeous, bright colours and the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot at this iconic location on Clarendon Road, the Southsea Mural highlights some of the best and most established local businesses in Portsmouth and Southsea. Come and take a look and see if you recognise any of your favourites!

Photo Credit: @houseofgraffiti

Portsmouth Street Art

Portsmouth is so lucky to have so many great local artists, who decorate our city with creative and unique styles. Take a stroll around the city looking for these masterpieces and see what you can find (Quick tip! Try Palmerston Road, Osborne Road and Goldsmith Avenue!). 

Photo Credit: @sameer_meethar

Canoe Lake

Swans. Pedalos. Sheer picture perfection.

This great spot, mostly known to locals is the perfect place when the beaches get a little full or you want a change of scenery. You could try your hand at crabbing if you wanted a break from picture snapping!

Photo Credit: @_robbiecoulter_

Iconic Roads

Some might compare these iconic streets in Portsmouth to the likes of Abbey Road or Oxford Street...  Most Pompey residents would not. But Albert Road, Castle Road and Lombard Street are some of the most aesthetically pleasing roads you can meander down in Portsmouth. Picture. Perfect.

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