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Four reasons why being a Sabbatical Officer is the best job for students

As a Sabbatical Officer you will gain an amazing amount of experience, develop new skills, work with the highest levels of the University and lead a registered charity as one of its trustees.

Are you looking for a full-time job starting summer 2018? Look no further, our Sabbatical Officer roles offer incredible experience, a salary of £19,000 and you get to stay right here in Portsmouth, making a difference to students. 

Nominations for our five Sabbatical Officer roles are now open, but be quick, they close at 12pm on Thursday the 8th of February. 

1. Gain incredible skills

Through these roles you will be able to develop desirable skills future employers will be looking for, including: Team work, professionalism, communication skills and public speaking.

Everyday is different at the Union, you could be introducing students to the Union for the first time through induction talks, visiting partners like Portsmouth Football Club or helping out students who’ve come to your office. You’ll receive a wealth of experience, in a short amount of time, that you can always call upon in your future careers.

2. Build your self-confidence

As a Sabb, you’re on a journey and part of that adventure is learning more about yourself, your strengths and what you like/dislike. As you settle into the role, you will start to see the impact you’re having directly on students; from the campaigns and events you lead on, to the decisions made in high-level meetings. Having an impact with students is hugely rewarding and your confidence in yourself and your abilities will only grow.

3. Thorough training

As a student at the University of Portsmouth, you’re already qualified to take on the role of Sabbatical Officer. We don’t expect you know everything straight away; you’ll have an opportunity to spend two weeks with the outgoing post-holder before heading out for residential training. Previously, the Sabbatical Officer team has visited Brighton and Bournemouth for a week to begin the training process and start to bond as a team. Throughout the year, you’ll have the opportunity to receive all manner of training and experiences to further your learning, including: national conferences, communication and resilience training, and much much more

4. Support from a team who care

You won’t doing it alone. As well as four other Sabbatical Officers, your team, who are on the same journey as you, there’s a family of 30 full-time staff here to support and guide you. You’ll find yourself working alongside all kinds of professionals, from Advice to Marketing, who are all here to help you and your ideas along. In addition, our buddy scheme ensures you’re paired up with other staff for that all important wellbeing support, meaning there’s always someone you can turn to, even if it’s just for a natter and cup of tea.

Previous Sabbs have gone on to other careers, taking their experience and skills with them. From joining graduate schemes, pursuing a career related to their course or continuing to work in the not-for-profit or HE sectors - having had a year (or two!) as a Sabb as helped them to reach their goals and career aspirations.

Some Sabbs will find confidence they didn’t know they had, others will learn things about themselves that will help them to choose their next steps in life. It’s different for everyone but whatever their experience, our Sabbatical Officer alumni have often said being a Sabb was the best part of their University experience.

Where will it take you, a role of a lifetime and an intensive year as a trustee of an award winning charity?


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