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Moving into your university accommodation

Whether its halls or private housing, moving into your accommodation is the first big step at uni. Here's a few suggestions to help you through the early days.

All of your hard work has paid off and you're about to start an exciting new chapter in your life! 

Whether this is the first time living away from home or not, moving in is a daunting task and there can be a lot to consider. If you're moving into accommodation here is some advice to make you feel prepared for the big day. 

Make an inventory when you move in

Take pictures of your room before you move in your belongings. This way you have a record of what the property looked like before you move in. It'll also be a helpful reference to return the room to its original state before you leave.

Unpack (with your door open)

It's time to make your university accommodation feel like home. It's exciting to personalise your room with your belongings. 

Top tip: When you're unpacking try propping your door open, it'll make a more welcoming environment and become a powerful tool for socialising with your housemates. 

Talk to your housemates

Getting to know new people can be daunting, but it's good to remember you're all in the same boat. Get talking with one another, even if it's small talk. Once the ice is broken it'll be easier and easier to have conversations. 

Know how to contact your landlord

Whether you're moving into halls or private housing, it's a good idea to know how to contact your landlord or halls of residence team. If you have any issues they will be your first port of call, so keep their contact details in an easily accessible place. 

TV licensing

In the United Kingdom (UK) you need a TV licence to stream live television, regardless of what device you use it for. If you don't watch live tv you can go online and register that you don't need a license, doing this will stop TV Licensing from contacting you about it. But remember if you don't have a TV Licence, don't watch live television of BBC services. 

You don't need one though for paid subscription services like Netflix. 

Keep an open mind

Student accommodation can bring together groups of people from very different backgrounds and interests so it's good to remember to keep an open mind. What's normal to you might not be to someone else. 

Be a team player

In adjusting to living with new people and the excitement of Welcome Month it's easy to forget the little things. Keep on top of your own household chores and be a considerate housemate. 

Get to know your neighbours

Meeting your neighbours is a great way to meet new people and a good way to get involved in the community. Remember to be a considerate neighbour, particularly in residential areas as people's living patterns may differ from your own.

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