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Why cycling is an excellent habit to pick up at university

Have you thought about trying something new since starting University? Why not try cycling: it's great for mental health, staying sustainable and saving some cash on transport.

Starting your university degree is often a very stressful time, so it is really important to take extra care of your mental health and wellbeing. This doesn’t always mean doing early morning yoga or taking extra-long baths to relax – one of the easiest ways to relieve stress and anxieties is to exercise.

We all know sports are great for our physical health, but finding time to fit them into your daily routine can be tricky, especially whilst at university. Cycling, however, is one of the easiest hobbies you can pick up and add into your on-the-go lifestyle.

If you were to cycle just to and from campus for your lectures, you could aid your health in so many ways. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Cycling makes you happier

When you cycle, your body releases both adrenalin and endorphins which play a role in boosting your overall mood and helping the brain to relax. As well as this, cycling has been found to help reduce stress and anxieties, making it a perfect hobby for helping you get through tough assignments! By injecting a brisk cycle into your weekly routine, your overall mood would be positively improved.

Cycling helps you focus

Would you cycle more if it could make you smarter? Well, a study found that cycling can actually enhance your creativity in comparison to those who don’t cycle. As well as this, when your heart rate is up after cycling to your lecture, you will instantly be more switched on and focused due to the increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain from your journey.

Cycling is great for fitness

It is a well-known fact that cycling is a fantastic aerobic exercise, great for building your core muscles and improving your stamina. By cycling daily, you will be really strengthening your core and getting a sweat on whilst burning a tonne of calories. So, if you want to lose weight or just keep your fitness levels up, your bike will be your new best mate.

Cycling helps the environment

You are probably used to getting the bus, train or even driving to university at times. However, this massively impacts your carbon footprint in comparison to cycling. If you live close to your university campus – but not close enough to walk – cycling is the perfect mode of transport. Not only are you helping yourself get fitter, but you are caring for the environment too!

It’s not as difficult as you think to find ways to fit cycling into your busy routine at university – and the benefits are definitely worth it. You can make small changes such as cycling to campus or even join a cycling social team. Lots of universities and even bike retailers have bike schemes where you can try out a bike if you don’t already have one. You never know, you might just love it!

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