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A few tips for keeping safe in the city

As we enter the winter months and it’s getting darker much earlier, we want you to be as safe as possible, especially on a night out. There have been lots of reports recently about concerns of safety, so we’re encouraging you to be extra vigilant and extra safe.

One of the Union staff used to work in the bars and clubs on Guildhall and she’s given us her top tips for staying safe.


With the current climate around Portsmouth, it’s not worth walking home even if you live a 10 minute walk away. If you and your friends chip in, a taxi will only be a few quid home. Make sure to only get a licensed  taxi or a pre-booked taxi. If you’re booking through an app, always check the driver matches their profile, and ask them who they’re waiting for (rather than you asking ‘Are you here for…?’). If it’s an early one for you, why not see if you can still catch the Uni Bus home - the last bus on weeknights is at 5 minutes past midnight from the University bus stop. 


Always stick together. Always. There is a reason they say ‘safety in numbers.’ Stick with your mates, and don’t leave anyone behind. If someone has had a little too much, maybe it’s best you all call it a night and make sure they get home safe. You can rib them about it in the morning. 


I know it’s flattering when someone gets you a drink, but unless you’ve seen the drink the entire time, from the moment the bartender pours it, to the moment it touches your lips - don’t drink it. Someone might have tampered with it. Don’t leave your drink unattended. If in doubt - get a fresh one. 


If you need help - ask for it. The bar managers and door staff are there to help. If you think you’re too drunk and need some place to sober up, if your feet hurt from heels, if your phone has run out of battery, if you’re freezing cold, if you need a taxi, if you need a quiet space because it’s a little overwhelming - ask for help. There is a Safe Space next to Mr Myagis and the staff at the bars and clubs top priority is that you are having a good time and that you are safe. 


This one's for the girls. If you feel unsafe at any point, head to the bar and ask for Angela. This is a code that the bar staff know, and it means you don’t feel safe. They can help you in these situations by calling you a taxi and discreetly helping you out of the bar. 


You meet someone on a night out, you become best buds, you ask them back to your halls… it’s not an unfamiliar story. You should be really sure before you invite them home with you and you should keep alert at all times - just to be on the safe side. 

Here is our Drinking 101: 
  • Know your limits. Stop when you’ve reached it. 
  • Drink a pint of water between each alcoholic drink (your head will thank you in the morning)
  • Eat food before a night out
  • Don’t mix your drinks (you know what they say about mixing grape and grain…!)
  • Eat afterwards - a great excuse for cheesy chips.
The clocks go back on the 27th of October this year, which means it will be getting darker much earlier.

Remember to always be aware of your surroundings and keep yourself safe!

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