Elected Officers

Could YOU be an Elected Officer?

Sabbatical Officers (who we often refer to as Sabbs) represent you, the student, and are elected every year - by YOU! From this year, we're calling them 'ELECTED OFFICERS'

Did you know?

Being an Elected Officer is a full time, paid position, and makes sure that the Union is centered on the wants, rights and needs of the 25,000 students here at the University of Portsmouth.

Nominations now open!

Elected Officers are chosen each year, and voted in by you. Any student can run to become an EO (Elected Officer) and the nominations are NOW OPEN!

Interested? Keep reading to find out what steps to take to be an EO!

There are five positions you can run for - and this year, we’ve had a bit of a shake up. You can check out more information on this here.

The five roles are:

  • Learning Experience Officer 
  • Student Development Officer 
  • Democracy and Campaigns Officer 
  • Academic Representation Officer
  • Welfare Officer

To find out how these roles align with the old positions, check out this article!

Once you’ve decided which role you would like to run for, the next step is…

Nominations are NOW OPEN and close 12pm Thursday 6th February.

What's Next?

Candidate Academy

After nominations, it’s time to go to candidate academy on Saturday 8th February. Run by our Student Focus team, this is a workshop which will show you all about the next steps in running in the elections and what being a EO involves.


Now that the candidates have been announced, it’s time to start writing your manifesto. 

What is a manifesto?

Your manifesto are the key points in the student experience that you want to make change in. Students will read your manifestos and decide who to vote for, so this is the time to your show your passion.

You manifesto will need to be submitted by 4pm Friday 14th February so that students have the chance to see it during voting week!

Vote, Vote, Vote!

Arguably bigger than the December 2019 UK General Election*, it's time to secure those votes! 

This is the chance to get out on campus and encourage students to vote for you. Whether it’s with catchy slogans, crazy costumes or creating conversations, get out across the university to campaign!

Voting week starts at 9am Monday 24th February and finishes 12:30pm Friday 28th February.

*Opinion based, not fact

Results Night

Like the Oscars, but better.

This is the big night! Hosted in Guidhall with a glass of fizz for the first 50 people to kick off the evening - what could be better? Earmark your diaries for Friday 28th February 7pm

All the candidates get together as the votes of all the students are counted and the new Elected Officers are announced. 

Sounds like the perfect role for you? Nominate yourself now! Good luck!


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