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Nominations for Elected Officers close THIS WEEK! Thursday 6th February 12pm

We’re sure you’ve seen the posters, the posts and all the promotion about nominating yourself to be an Elected Officer - but what does it really mean to be involved in the Union and to be an Elected Officer?

“The best part is the change you get to make for students.” - Anita

Being an Elected Officer is about making a difference and having an impact on the lives of the students at the University. By becoming an Elected Officer, you are being given the chance to represent students like you, every single day. 

You can become an Elected Officer at any stage of your student journey. You can take a sabbatical year from your course or run in your final year for a graduate job. 

“My opinion is valued by high up university staff.” - Tom

It’s a year you will never forget. It’s jam packed with opportunities and experiences; you will meet a diverse range of individuals from all walks of life and you’ll have all of this to look back on after 12-months which will propel you to your next job. Whatever your career path may be, a year as an Elected Officer is invaluable asset, an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

“You meet so many different connections, so many new people, your networking opportunities are massive.” - Gez

Nominate Yourself!

Applying is easy; you simply need to submit your nomination. Nominating yourself is completing a quick online form to confirm your intentions and agree to the terms and conditions of forthcoming elections.

At this initial stage, you’re essentially throwing your hat in the ring. You don’t have to do anything else yet, your nomination lets the Union know that you want to take part in the elections and voting week held at the end of February.

Previous Elected Officers have gone on to other careers, taking their experience and skills with them. From joining graduate schemes, pursuing a career related to their course or continuing to work in the not-for-profit or HE sectors - having had a year (or two!) as an Officer has helped them to reach their goals and career aspirations. 

Our Elected Officer alumni have often said being a Officer was the best part of their University experience.


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