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Why you should complete a SWAIN report

We offer out the opportunity to complete a SWAIN report to all UoP students, to work with you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, inhibitions, & needs. You'll get the chance to book in a meeting with one of our Student Development Assistants, who will then create a report for you based on what you've let us know. This will be your guide in helping to develop your next steps, and it's totally personalised to you!What you identify in the Needs section is really important to us, as this is your chance to tell us what UPSU need to be providing to help achieve your goals. We use this information to form our opportunities offered throughout the year. Before you fill out your SWAIN report, we recommend completing the 16 Personalities test, as this helps provide further insight into your potential career path & next steps!  

Go here to complete your SWAIN report 

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