7 Steps to Success

What is it?

Want to be presented with an official University of Portsmouth & Students' Union joint award of recognition? You should participate in the ‘Seven Steps to Success’ program (available on Moodle). The 7S program is quick and easy to complete, in fact you might have qualified many of the steps already.

Through participating in the 7S program you will come to understand what you should be doing outside of your core studies. You will have access to several opportunities enabling you to gain experience and develop the key skills needed to achieve your dream career!

Gaining 7S certification will be an invaluable addition to your CV, proving to employers that you made the most out of your time at university through graduating with both a degree, experience AND the skills that are needed to stand out amongst the thousands of other graduates competing for the same opportunities in an increasingly competitive job market!

1st Year Students

You may think this doesn’t apply to you right now but… by your second year of university it will be time to apply to work experience opportunities such as Work Placements. Participating in the 7S program will boost your employability and enable you to stand out amongst the thousands of other graduates competing for the same opportunities.

Returning Students

You may find that you have already qualified many of the steps within this program! So, you may as well qualify the remaining steps and gain your certification before graduation!

Who can take part?

7S is being piloted in 5 Schools, if you wish to participate but it is not available in your school year, register your interest here!

The program is being piloted with:

  • Film, Media & Communication
  • Mechanical Design & Engineering 
  • Psychology
  • Law
  • Area Studies, History, Politics & Literature 

Make sure to participate in the 7S program before May so that you get recognised in this year's awards and recognition programme! If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us on 7steps@port.ac.uk. 

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