Ghost Walk

  • Friday 1st Oct 20:00 - Friday 1st Oct 22:00
  • £0.00
  • Portsmouth

Event Information

Get to know Portsmouth and all its spooky secrets!

The Portsmouth Ghost Walk

It is 1813… Spice Island is a place of sin, a place of degradation, every sin known to man, women and dog is available for a price - and we know where to get the best prices

Join us for an evening as we take you into a dark underworld of smugglers, pirates and prostitutes. Every street in Spice Island was full of Ale Houses, ‘Cat’ Houses and Chapels, but amongst these narrows streets rival gangs would compete for the trade of the thousands of sailors disembarking every week. You will hear dark stories of history that lay hidden beneath the tourist streets of Portsmouth, stories of what happened to some of these sailors before they disappeared forever.

You will learn a little, you will laugh a little - but hopefully you will scream a lot…

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