I was on my year abroad in Canada when my nan died. It was around February time. Being away from my family was hard, but I made the decision to stay out there. A few weeks later when my dad was sorting out her stuff, he fell from the loft and broke his back. I got a call to say my dad might die. I had to leave Canada very quickly after that. I came back from my year abroad a lot earlier than I had planned. The University really supported me to achieve, despite everything I had been through. They said it was ok to do the exams that I had planned to do over there back in Portsmouth at a later date. They really helped with that because I don’t know that I would have been able to stay. My dad is nearly fully recovered now, he can walk and everything, it’s just certain activities he can’t do. I never thought I’d be strong enough to get through that.

Sophie Butler is Vice President of Welfare and Community (2018-19).

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Being a woman in a totally man’s world is hard ...

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The plan was always to go to a Russell Group university, that’s what my brother did ...

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