Over the summer just gone I just kind of sat on my bed and thought: ‘oh my God, I hate living like this, not knowing anybody who's in the same scenario, because there’s got to be’. So I sat and thought: ‘right, I want to get more involved with the Union and actually make my voice heard’. I’m hoping to start a society. It’s not actually off the ground yet. So, it would be like a network for people who have left care, or don’t have contact with their parents, can meet up and talk. I’m hoping through those events I can advertise what the university does because not everybody in that situation knows that there’s this bursary out there. It took me three months to know that it’s a thing. So the University have signed the Stand Alone Pledge to prioritise wellbeing to get as many counselling sessions as you need. There’s the Unite scholarship as well, which basically gets you into halls for free. Didn’t know about that, so now I’ve missed out on it. Obviously where I now know these things, I’m hoping this society can get off the ground and other people don’t have to miss out on these opportunities. I mean, imagine not having to pay your rent for a year? Who doesn’t want that? There’s so much that the University do, and I want other people to know about it and utilise it.

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