UPSU to provide free drug testing kits

Petition submitted by Jordan Sutherland Howard on 13th Oct 2021

The Union should engage in meaningful drug harm reduction and provide free drug test products and information around drug harm reduction and awareness

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Zero tolerance to drug taking is not working - this often puts people in dangerous situations and a lack of dialogue around drugs only makes them more dangerous and the subject a taboo.

In 2018, 2 young people lost their lives at a music festival in Portsmouth, this may have been avoided if there was this service available and there was an honest conversation around drugs, rather than prohibition.

It should not be up to the Union or the University whether students decide to take drugs or not, nor should it get explicitly involved in students' private lives. However, if students decide that they want to engage in this behaviour, the Union and University should enable them to minimise risk.

The Union should provide free reagent drug testing kits, along with information about drugs and their effects and risks to students, at no cost and discreetly in order to allow students to eliminate as much risk in drug taking as possible.

The Union should also work with late night venues and the police in order to change their stances on drugs to putting the welfare of young people ahead of simply a zero tolerance approach as well as to provide education on the effects, and risks of drugs.

This was submitted to Have Your Say! after being suggested at the Have Your Say! Board at Freshers' Fayre 2021

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