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Student Scout and Guide Organisation Society (PUGS)

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Student Scout and Guide Organisation Society (PUGS)

Who are we?

We are the Portsmouth University Guides and Scouts (PUGS)! Get in touch to find out how to continue your Scouting or Guiding adventure at the University of Portsmouth!

What do we do?

PUGS are a group of students who are interested in the aims, activities and fun that Scouting and Guiding offers. Our programme consists of weekly events where we organise various activities comprising adventurous, social, creative and community-orientated themes. Join our Facebook group to say up to date with what we're doing this term - Facebook Group

How does COVID-19 affect us?

Obviously Covid-19 has an effect on the in-person activities that we can run, but this does not mean there won't be any activities. We have set up a Discord Server to allow an online programme to run! We will run weekly Thursday night activities such as games evenings and film nights and others such as bake-off evenings and quizzes until we can meet in-person.

As restrictions ease, we will offer in-person events as well as continuing to offer an online programme for those which cannot or do not wish to attend in-person.

Who can join?

We welcome those who have been involved with The Scout Association, Girlguiding or any other international Guide or Scout Associations as well as those who have never been involved! At Portsmouth SSAGO you can discover Guiding and Scouting through our programme with the added option to gain training and skills in leadership and assistant roles.

Members of PUGS don't have to volunteer with Scouts or Guides at university or home, but many of our members choose to, and if you would like to, just let us know and we can put you in touch with a group that would love your help!

Where can I get involved?

Make sure you stay in touch with us by following us on Twitter and Instagram along with joining our Facebook page and Discord Server:



Facebook Page

Discord Server

What is SSAGO?

"The Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO) is a non-uniformed organisation that enables you to continue or begin your Scouting or Guiding journey whilst at College or University." They are the national organisation which is made up by student scouting groups at over 50 universities across the UK. They assist in running multiple camps (Called Rallys) and an annual Ball which all make up the SSAGO experience.

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    Gregory Fraser Tucker


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    Joshua Mark Hagger


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    Mark Peter Morgan

    Events Secretary

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    Camilla Sarah Hindson

    SSAGO Rep

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    Charlie Taylor Dalby


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