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Welcome to the Student Elections 2022 page. There are five full-time paid roles to be elected.

The students elected into these five Elected Officer roles will take a year out of their studies to work full time with the Students’ Union.

Becoming a full-time Elected Officer for the 2022/23 academic year is the best way to effect change for students at the University of Portsmouth. You will gain an amazing amount of experience, develop new skills, work with the highest levels of the University and as a registered charity as one of its trustees.

Get Involved

How To Apply

Applying for one of these roles is easy, you simply need to submit your nomination. Nominating yourself is quick and easy to do, completing an online form to confirm your intentions and agree to the terms and conditions of forthcoming elections.

Want To Know More?

Help is only an email away! If you're unsure about running or want to know more about any of the roles, email elections@upsu.net and a member of friendly staff team will get back to you.

Take A Year Out, Do Something Amazing

You can become an Elected Officer at any stage of your student journey. You can either take a year out from your course (a sabbatical year) or run for a position in your final year, and take up the post when you graduate. Individuals can have a maximum of two terms, so you even have the option to run again after your first year as an Elected Officer.

The Five Roles

There are five unique roles to apply for. Each role focusses on an aspect of student and university life. The five officers combine and work alongside each other as a team to lead the Union

Democracy and Campaigns Officer

  • Primary Representative for student democracy and campaigns
  • An activist and champion for UoP, local and national campaigns that affect students
  • The lead representative for driving student ideas into action

plus loads more!

Academic Representation Officer

  • Primary Representative for ensuring effective Academic Representation of students in partnership with the University
  • Lead representative for Course Reps, Faculty Reps and Networks

plus loads more!

Welfare Officer

  • Primary Representative for student welfare and wellbeing
  • Liaising with the University to continuously improve and strengthen the UoP Wellbeing strategy
  • Delivery of wellbeing initiatives for our student Groups, Clubs and Volunteers with the Development Officer

plus loads more!

Learning Experience Officer

  • Primary Representative to work with the University to improve the student learning experience
  • Lead Officer for student feedback and insights
  • Champion the learning experience of under-represented students

plus loads more!

Development Officer

  • Primary Representative overseeing activities and other opportunities for the personal development of students
  • Lead Representative for sport & student group interests, and sports partnership with the University
  • Student fundraising and volunteering

plus loads more!


Unique Opportunity



Lead A Charity

Elected Officers are the full-time leaders of the Students’ Union. As trustees of a registered charity, you will directly steer the work of the Union and everything we do. Day-to-day you could be helping other students in need, chairing important meetings with the University or putting on events. By the time you complete your year as an Officer, you will have played a huge part in a range of projects, not only shaping the Union, but the University as well.

12 Month Adventure

It may sound like a long time, but a year really does go by in a flash at the Union. There’s so much going on from the get-go, that at the end of your 12-month post you’ll be able to look back and say ‘Wow, I really did all that’. A year may sound like a big investment, but it’s most certainly a sound one - you will get a fantastic experience in return that not many others will have, something that employers will be really keen to learn about. Your experience as a trustee, a leader, a public speaker can all be found within this 12-month window. It’s a fantastic challenge, where you’ll learn lots about yourself and how to work with others.

£ 19,100 salary

Holding office as an Elected Officer and representing over 24,000 students is a full-time role (35 hours a week) with a starting salary of £19,100. It's one of the most fun experiences that you get paid to do. You’ll also get a pension setup and receive other benefits including 30 days of annual leave (on top of bank holidays and the five day Christmas closure).

In addition, the Union offers flexible working hours helping you to work when it best suits you and ‘flex’ any overtime you have accrued to bag an extra day off.

Any student can apply

No previous experience required. To nominate and apply for these positions, you will need the following credential: you must be a student on a course that leads to a University of Portsmouth award. That’s it.

You don’t have to have lots of work experience or have been involved in the Students’ Union before. Your passion for Portsmouth is the most important thing, and it’s your drive and ideas that will persuade other students to vote for you.


Create Change

Be Part Of Something

As an Elected Officer, you'll be helping others everyday. As a team, the Elected Officers work together to support one another.

Working for a registered charity is ultimately rewarding, you will be contributing to the student experience at Portsmouth and be part of the student movement in the UK.

Represent Students

The five full-time Elected Officers represent needs and views of over 24,000 students. It’s a big responsibility, to act on others’ behalf to improve their university experience. As a student yourself, you’ll be best placed to make decisions that can affect thousands of people. You already know what will work, what’s a good fit for students and when something is not right.

Influence The University

You will operate at the highest levels of the University, working with the Vice-Chancellor and other university leaders, to influence positive change for students. You will have a seat at important university committees, where key decisions are made, and give voice to the students you represent. As well as championing students needs and ideas, you’ll also play a part in recognising good work across the University, from students and staff alike.

Campaign On Issues

Beginning with the promises in your candidate manifesto, you'll be supported to run important campaigns and events on behalf of students.

You will have a budget and the support of a passionate team of staff to help make your ideas happen. Where you recognise a problem or an issue, you can change it.


Amazing Experience

Develop New Skills

Through these roles you will be able to develop desirable skills future employers will be looking for, including: Team work, professionalism, communication skills and public speaking.

Everyday is different at the Union, you could be introducing students to the Union for the first time through induction talks, visiting partners like Portsmouth Football Club or helping out students who’ve come to your office. You’ll receive a wealth of experience, in a short amount of time, that you can always call upon in your future careers.

Build Self-Confidence

As an Elected Officer, you’re on a journey and part of that adventure is learning more about yourself, your strengths and what you like/dislike. As you settle into the role, you will start to see the impact you’re having directly on students; from the campaigns and events you lead on, to the decisions made in high-level meetings. Having an impact with students is hugely rewarding and your confidence in yourself and your abilities will only grow.

Full Training Given

As a student at the University of Portsmouth, you’re already qualified to take on the role of an Elected Officer. We don’t expect you know everything straight away; you’ll have an opportunity to spend two weeks with the outgoing post-holder before heading out for residential training. Previously, the Elected Officer team has visited Brighton and Bournemouth for a week to begin the training process and start to bond as a team. Throughout the year, you’ll have the opportunity to receive all manner of training and experiences to further your learning, including: national conferences, communication and resilience training, and much much more.

In addition, the Union offers flexible working hours helping you to work when it best suits you and ‘flex’ any overtime you have accrued to bag an extra day off.

Fantastic Support

You won’t doing it alone. As well as four other Elected Officers, your team, who are on the same journey as you, there’s a family of over 40 full-time staff here to support and guide you. You’ll find yourself working alongside all kinds of professionals, from Advice to Marketing, who are all here to help you and your ideas along. In addition, our buddy scheme ensures you’re paired up with other staff for that all important wellbeing support, meaning there’s always someone you can turn to, even if it’s just for a natter and cup of tea.

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