Development Function

What is the Development Function.

The Student Development team focus on the Development Function, which is one of the 3 charitable aims for UPSU along with representation and welfare, as well as working with UPSU Groups. As part of this new Student Development team the strategic aims are now a focus on development as part of the overall quality student experience package students should receive at university.

We are here to help you build the skills and experiences to help you with your next steps, whatever they may be.

We'll work with you to identify the skills you already have, and what you need to develop further, compared to what employers say they need.

We put on events and opportunities throughout the year that will help you, as well as providing a great opportunity to network, socialise, & get to know your local community!If you want to speak to someone on the team, please contact (Senior Student Development Function Manager) or (Student Development Specialist) to find out more.

Your Development and Groups Team

- Chelsea Hopson, Senior Student Development Function Manager - Talk to me about SWAIN analysis, development strategy and what the Union can do to help your development

- Jordan Howard, Student Development Specialist - Talk to me about development opportunities, events and your student outcomes

- Mike Kiddell, Groups Specialist - Talk to me about all your group and society needs

Your Student Development Assistant Team

- Eliska Kohlertova for Development, Opportunities & SWAIN analysis in TEC

- Tayrese Miller for Development, Opportunities & SWAIN analysis in SAH

- Ilona Diomidova for Development, Opportunities & SWAIN analysis in in BAL

- Mwangala Sikwibele for Development, Opportunities & SWAIN analysis in CCI

- Piers Meenenga for Development, Opportunities & SWAIN analysis in HSS

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