PGM Ambassadors

PGM Ambassadors

Who are the PGM Ambassadors?

As a group of students, we acknowledge the problematic nature of the term 'BAME', as such we have chosen to refer to ourselves and our fellow students as 'PGM'. This term stands for People/Person of the Global Majority. A reason for this change from 'BAME' is to show our continued support of all students, and to promote the mental well-being of our PGM students.

Read more about the term PGM

Our work includes, but is not limited to:

  • To work alongside the Students' Union & the University in developing and running student-led campaigns surrounding the PGM Awarding Gap.
  • To seek out, listen & act upon feedback and opinions from our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students about their student experience while studying at University, thus enabling their voices to be amplified within the University where there is a lack of diversity upon decision making.
  • To actively lobby and contribute to the work of the University in tackling the PGM Awarding Gap, with a particular focus on decolonising the curriculum, diversifying student experience, proactively encouraging a more coordinated and better funded Black History Month and supporting the student population and the community in the Black Lives Matter campaigns.
  • To audit the University for any implicit racism 

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