Post Hand In Blues

Graduating this year may feel a little anticlimactic, especially all of the hard work so far during University. It’s okay to feel disappointed! Check out some of our suggestions to still celebrate that final hand-in feeling.

  • Posted Thu, Jun 11, 2020 1:22 PM

At the beginning of this year, who would have believed that we’d have been in lockdown for three months? This year has meant multiple unexpected changes, including the changes to the end of the year for 2020 graduates.

The end of your final year might feel a little anticlimactic, especially with all the hard work during your time at University, though don’t forget, it’s okay to feel disappointed with the final post hand in blues. This isn’t what anyone expected for their graduating year, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate.

Here’s what one final year student had to say:

"Submitting the final assignment for me felt strange. There's no more pending assignments? Really? Final year was definitely my hardest year, but I'm proud of myself for pulling through and this makes me genuinely happy and excited about what happens next . And although there's no graduation this year, I've got my flatmate at home and family over Zoom to celebrate with."

Hayley, your VP Welfare and Community added:

"Finishing university and graduating is an exciting and important milestone for many of you who have been looking forward to this moment for a long time. You may have already built expectations of what that may look like; this could be spending time with your mates on the common and celebrating with drinks for one last time. You may think the current pandemic has prevented you from enjoying those cherishing moments and you may feel a Zoom call cannot replace this! However, in a year's time when you finally get the chance to see everyone and graduate, the emotions and celebrations will be far more better than you would've anticipated after waiting so long for this moment. Hang in there, the hard work is over but the celebrations aren't!" 

So, your dissertation hand in is a massive achievement, why not try one of these ways to celebrate it during lockdown

Zoom Call

You may not be able to head out for a drink with your mates after your final hand in or exam, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate with them. Set up a Zoom or Skype call and toast your achievements. Just because you’re not in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t still be together. 

Take a picture with your dissertation

It’s been a tradition for years to take a picture with your dissertation before finally handing it in, but for a lot of people who have had to leave campus and with lockdown restrictions that’s not possible, right?

Well, we’ve made it possible - check out our Instagram (@portsmouthsu) for our brand new filter! It lets you take the perfect selfie outside of the library.

Change it up

it's an important day! Do something different in your routine to celebrate the milestone and make it different from your normal routine. Whether you get yourself a cake, call a good friend for a catch-up or try something brand new, just do it!

Make plans for graduation

While it may not be in July, graduation hasn’t been cancelled. Rather, for the safety of everyone in the current climate, has been postponed until May 2021. In the meantime, the University is organising a bunch of summer activities to celebrate your accomplishments during your time here at uni. Soon your Faculty or school will be in touch with more details.

Find Out More About Graduation

Whatever you choose to do, celebrate in your own way. Despite being in lockdown, celebrating all of your accomplishments and hard work during your degree is what you deserve

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