Looking for a dreamy side hustle? This new REM-arkable student role from Simba offers just that!

Looking for something dreamy to do in 2024? This new REM-arkable student role from Simba offers just that!

  • Posted Tue, Apr 9, 2024 9:30 AM

Snoozing during lectures or sneaking in a covert nap at the library might not fly well at uni, and daydreaming during lectures could leave you in academic hot water.

But if you treasure a solid nap, we've got a dream gig for you – one where you can effortlessly excel even with your eyes tight shut.

Don’t hit snooze on this opportunity!

Student mattresses have seen it all. We're talking those subtle reminders that it has weathered countless late-night study sessions, streaming marathons and spilled coffee stains - harbouring more secrets than your course syllabus. 

Experts at sleep tech company Simba are looking for candidates to join a new student ‘Dream Team’.

There are five “Simba Student Sleep Ambassador” positions available. Each successful applicant will be given brand new Simba products to keep as well as a state-of-the-art sleep tracking app to enable you to carry out your duties.

So what does the REM-arkable role entail? 

The “Simba Student Sleep Ambassador” role can easily be performed alongside your studies. 

Each member of Simba’s Dream Team will be given one Simba Hybrid mattress, pillow, duvet and bed linen - worth more than £1,700*

The job is a sleep experiment over a four week period to determine how student life impacts sleep patterns. 

Every night, you simply have to track your sleep using the functionality of the Simba Sleep Coaching App, which will measure variations in your slumber, based on changes to your usual routine or setting, to help the company discover what creates the perfect night’s sleep while optimising your rest in the process.

The position is fully remote, and applicants must be second or third year undergraduates living in a shared house at a UK university.**

How to Apply?

All you need to do is visit the Simba website, fill out your information, and answer three very simple questions.

If you’re a true devotee to the art of dozing, Simba wants YOU. Say hello to a mattress that is engineered to comfortably handle student life.

The closing date for applications is 9th April 2024. Good luck!

For more information, visit simbasleep.com 


How do I track my Sleep?

You can track your sleep using the functionality of the Simba Sleep Coach App or use your own devices like an Apple Watch you wear at night to track your sleep through Apple Health which integrates with the Simba Sleep Coach

If you decide to track your sleep through the Simba Sleep Coach app, go to Tools > Track my Sleep. 

If you decide to use Apple Health App, we will ask you for permission to sync with the Health App. If you have problems to get it to work, follow the steps below. Go to Health > Source > Simba Sleep Coach > Allow Simba Sleep Coach to read data. Also, go to the Simba Sleep Coach > Settings > Tracking permissions > Apple Health. 

Add ‘Track my sleep’ as one of your habits which then will appear in your Today screen, a little reminder what to do each day to improve your sleep.

*King size 

**Click here for full list of 166 universities in the UK

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