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Already thinking about housing for next year? We are... Head to the Virtual Housing Fair on the week commencing 30th November for more information! Sponsored by Unite Students.

YOU'RE INVITED... To our Virtual Housing Fair! 

This virtual event, in partnership with Unite Students, gives you the opportunity to start gathering information from industry experts.

You can join the fair from Monday 30th November and Monday 7th December

There will be halls providers, estate agents, landlords and service providers to find out a bit more about the first steps in your student accommodation search. Find out more here.

It might seem a little too soon to be thinking about housing for next year, when we can barely wrap our heads around what is happening right now... but don't panic. We're not. We've got it covered. But if you do want to start thinking and looking ahead, check out this article about what to look for when choosing your student house.

Choosing housemates can be difficult - you think you want to move in with the best mate you made at Freshers, but what if you learn about their annoying habits? What if they like to hoard all the mugs in the house in their room until they have their own eco-system? What if they refuse to do washing up? Or hoovering? What if they are not considerate of the current circumstances we're all in... you'll learn about these habits pretty quick when you move in together, and you'll realise you have a whole year to put up with them.

Take some time to get to know who you want to live with before jumping into a contract with them. Think about having a Housemate Agreement (we know, very Sheldon) for cleaning and buying things for the house, like loo roll (perhaps the panic buying was worth it?).

Check out the Housemate Agreement from the Union Advice Service and read their article about How to Live Together. Advice also offers a Mediation Service to help if arguments do happen.

There is a point in your life that you'll reach when looking for what houses are on the market locally becomes one of your favourite pastimes. 

If you're not quite there yet, searching for the perfect Uni house is the next best thing. Think about what you want from your house - Three bedrooms? Five? Seven? One bathroom between you all? A communal space? Lots of houses in Portsmouth have a pretty standard layout, but you might find some unique and quirky properties whilst you are looking.

Also think about the location, if bills are included in the rent or if these are in addition to the rent. There is a lot of factors to consider. Make a list of what is important to you and your housemates, and what you are happy to compromise on.

Why not check out the University’s only official accommodation search engine: Portsmouth StudentPad. More information about Portsmouth StudentPad is available here.

Don't forget to check out at all the properties available online with private landlords and letting agents - don’t just go for the first one you see. Think about your price range. Make sure to enquire regarding any additional fees and costs before signing up to a property.

First, see if you can actually view the property, or if a virtual tour is available. This might be the better option. When you're going to look at houses (either in-person or online), have a checklist of things to look out for, or use the University one here.

If you are able to visits and the tenants are there (either at a safe distance or wearing masks), why not ask them about the house. If the estate agent or landlord mentions anything about fixes, or repairs, make a note and remember to check that it’s included in the contract before you sign.

You can arrange as many viewings as you need, to find the perfect house for you. Is there anything worse than signing for a house and after a week, finding another place that is cheaper and more suitable for what you’re looking for?

Once you’ve chosen your house and before you move in, you’ll be asked to sign a contract.

Always read the contract before you sign and you should be able to take it away to look at it, and ask for advice if necessary. Do not feel pressured into signing a contract! StudentPad have a very comprehensive guide about contracts and what they mean - read it here.

Hayley, your Welfare Officer, has put together a Renters Rights Pack, so you know your rights as a renter. It's packed full of all the information you need to know, including a checklist and a Housemate Agreement. Check it out here!

We can't wait to see you at the Virtual Housing Fair! Happy House Hunting!

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