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Top Tips to Defeat Your Stress!

We understand that impending deadlines and exams can be very stressful. The Advice Centre has curated some resources to help you manage stress, and should you need it you can contact the Advice Service for further support.

Stressless is delivered in partnership with Unite Students.

Eat & Drink Well

Healthy food will keep you energised and active throughout your day

The Student Food Project

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself for reaching milestones, it may help your motivation! Maybe come to the Farm Experience?

How To Pat Yourself On The Back

Keep Fit

Exercise will help you let off steam and give you a break from revision.

How Does Exercise Reduce Stress?

Listen To Music

Music can have a positive impact on our mood and be used for motivation and focus

Health Benefits Of Music


Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body

Exercises for Relaxation

Plan Your Time

Creating an ordered list, breaking down large tasks and focusing solely on what you are doing can help put things in perspective and minimise stress

The Science of How to Stay Focused

Reduce Clutter

Tidy room tidy mind, a messy work space can make you feel anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed

Why Mess Causes Stress

Enjoy Yourself

Remember to take breaks, enjoy yourself and laugh

Benefits Of Laughter

Remove Distractions

Try some tech-free time to help productivity

Stay Focused with this Chrome Extension

Sleep Well

Getting lots of rest is important for productivity

Bedtime Strategies for Reducing Stress

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