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What is StART?

StART, an acronym for ‘Student Academic Representation Tool’, is UPSU’s primary mode of collecting Academic Feedback, analysed by Insights (working with Representation) to keep the Union, as well as the University, informed about any current academic issues or successes.

StART is open throughout the entire academic year, with the Representation Team responsible for organising a total of three StART Talking Weeks throughout the year, carefully spread out across the year to gather feedback at set points.

Once you’ve submitted your feedback, it gets sent to your Course Rep (or student representative) and then a copy also goes to our Insights team for analysis - which means that we can help drive forward the changes that you want. You can submit feedback on any topic you like, from Union activity to something about your course. The StART tool gives you the opportunity to submit neutral and positive feedback too.

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What to get involved?

Please CLICK HERE to complete the StART survey and give your feedback!

2023/24 Results

We carried out StART throughout the Academic Year 2023/24. If you want to see the results, please click on the graphic below!

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