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The Policy

Definition of a complaint: anything that you have a concern about, or dissatisfaction with, that is part of the student experience. 

This can include issues with how your course is managed, or the services and facilities provided by the University. Concerns with academic matters and concerns relating to other students are covered by different procedures (See Appeals and Student Conduct Policy).

The Complaints Team do not usually deal with anonymous complaints but if they do receive an anonymous complaint, they will decide whether to investigate it. In making this decision, they will look at how serious the issues raised are, how credible the allegation is, the evidence received, and how likely it is that the allegation can be confirmed.

They will also make sure you are not discriminated against as a result of raising concerns.


Complaints can be made by either an individual student or a group of students with the same complaint. If a group complaint is made, one student will need to be the main contact. 

Informal Procedure

  1. The complaint must first be raised informally be speaking with a member of staff in the area in which a complaint has arisen.
  2. If informal discussions do not resolve your complaint, you may raise your concerns with the Complaints Team. 

Complaints to do with halls accomodation are dealt with under the Residential Halls Complaints Procedure. If you cannot sort the complaint through this procedure, the complaint can then be dealt with by the Complaints Team.

The Complaints Team can be contacted by emailing or by calling 02392843110.

Formal Procedure

You can submit a formal complaint by contacting the complaints team directly via email, telephone or their Complaints Form

The university has a criteria that will make your formal complaint eligible for a formal investigation:

  • Name and contact details
  • Factually explain the circumstance, the nature and origin of the complaint
  • Include details of any prior attempt to resolve the issue
  • The reason why you are not satisfied with the outcome of your informal complaint 
  • Provide evidence to support your complaint
  • Include your preferred outcome

You can send your complaint back to us for feedback but do no await feedback from our service is it means mossing your deadline to complete the process.

If they deem it ineligible they will advise you as to why and include further actions. 

If they deem it eligible they will write to you within 5 working days to set out the next steps of the investigation. Once an investigator is designated they will conduct separate meetings with you and relevant members of staff. Once the investigation is complete a final report will be written. Then the complaint will be deemed either fully justified, partially justified or not justified and plans of action should be put in place.


If you are not satisfied with the final report or proposals of action you may ask for a review by the executive director of corporate governance.

There are limited grounds you can request a review, these include:

  • That the investigation was not completed according to the procedures
  • A consideration of whether the outcome was reasonable in all the circumstances
  • You have new evidence which you were unable, for valid reasons, to provide earlier in the process. 

In order to request a review you must email within 10 working days of receiving the outcome of your formal complaint. 

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