Nerdvana XII (8010/438)

  • Friday 31st Mar 19:00 - Saturday 1st Apr 19:00
  • £5.00
  • Students Union

Prepare yourself for Nerdvana XII, the final one before the end of the academic year! We are all about celebrating everything geeky and nerdy in the name of charity. We are a group of collaborating societies, coming together for Nerdvana, with our goal to donate 60% of all of the proceeds to Special Effect and donate 40% to Mermaids. **

We are abiding by tradition and donating to Special Effect, but owing to recent news and the 31st of March being Trans Visibility Day, we wanted to give a percentage of the earnings from Nerdvana to a charity that supports the trans community. Mermaids is a charity that aims to educate wider society on gender identity and offers safeguarding opportunities to the LGBTQ+ community. Our traditional charity of choice, Special Effect, is a charity that advocates for better inclusion in gaming, as well as working on new technology to improve the lives of people who live with physical challenges.

Nerdvana XII, the last one of the academic year, will be held upstairs of the Union Building from 7 PM on the 31st of March till 7 PM on the 1st of April. Here, a whole 24 hours packed full of activities dedicated to charity will be hosted. The ticket for the event will cost £5, with the link for such a ✨ quality product ✨ coming soon.

With all the talk of cool activities, let’s get into that, shall we? For the whole 24 hours, you can find out about:

> A variety of video game consoles in Third Space for your enjoyment

> Board games, ready to be played at any time also in Third Space

> The Esports 24-hour stream, with all donations going towards charity

> If you need a place to chill, come to the sensory room! Come and calm down from all the excitement and enjoy the vibes.

>After the quiz ends, anime and films will be shown in Room 2 for the rest of the event

On Friday, the 31st, we will be running:

> At 8pm:The quiz! More on that in a bit

> At 10pm:The Cosplay Showcase: where you can show off your creativity

> From 10pm till 1 in the morning:Karaoke for when you need to get it all out to the sound of Whitney

> At 10pm: Skyrim and Walking Dead wargaming in Room 1

> At 10pm in Room 1: Competitive musical chairs! Ran by yours truly and Harvey Bishop

> At 11pm:The Ultimate Werewolf game: for those who dare enter the treachery of Sidswamyvile

> At 11pm:Just Dance together! The game I mean 🕺

> At 12am:The 8-Hour DND game: for the crazy ones who will see it all the way through

> At 1am in the sensory room: Minecraft! If you're up for some late night building, bring your laptop and enjoy

The fun doesn’t end there. Saturday the 1st is also running:

> At 9am: Yoga! Experience tranquility

> At 10am: Mario Kart Tournament! Get into those chairs and start RACING!

> At 10am: Fistful of Dice are hosting a variety of one-shots in different systems other than DND!

> At 11am:Fistful is also hosting a Magic the Gathering Tournament, bring your own decks

> At 1pm: Wargaming will be hosting some good ol' fashioned 40k and Sigmar

> At 1pm: Welcome to your lightsaber training young Jedi and welcome to LudoSport!

> At 4pm: BEEG JACKBOX, feel free to join and keep things appropriate

> At 7pm: The closing ceremony and recap

Most of these activities you can join whilst they're in progress, so don't stress if you're a bit late. If there are any changes to the timetable the new one will be uploaded on this channel.

Back to the quiz!

People with useless knowledge rejoice, this is your chance to shine. Get into teams of 8 and work together to solve the gauntlet ahead of you. Every society involved has added to the list of questions, so make sure that you are covered on the weird and bizarre. The top 3 teams will receive a pool of prizes, put together by us, the organisers.

As this announcement draws to a close, remember to stay tuned for more news and have fun!

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  • Nerdvana XII (8010/438)

    £ 5.00

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