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Here at the Pagan and Spiritual Society (PASS), we welcome just about everyone who is looking to explore ancestral religions and spirituality... and make a few friends along the way! We are home to Odinists, druids, shamans, eclectics, and a diverse variety of other faiths. Regardless of how you identify you are welcome here! We also have an extraordinarily strong LGBT+ representation, with over 66% of our members identifying as LGBT+.

Our main event happens every Wednesday evening, same time and place every week (we are not a Purple Wednesday society), where we meet to discuss a chosen topic. We have a presenter/speaker who leads the discussion, and if anyone has any questions or points of discussion - they are certainly welcome! Afterwards, we alternate between a pub social and a non-pub social, so that whatever your persuasion - you'll find a good social event you'd want to attend to meet new friends. We’re also having mini-icebreaker events once a month, so keep an eye out for those!

Looking for a place to learn more about paganism and spirituality, and make some friends? Join today! Membership is free, and upon joining you’ll receive an email about how to get involved (don’t worry, we only send you a welcome email and then special announcement emails less than once a month). If you have any questions prior to joining, or cannot join on the website for whatever reason, feel free to shoot us an email at

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