Vaccine Myths Debunked

With the announcement of the new Covid-19 Vaccine and the first people being administered it, we thought we'd debunk some common vaccine myths for you!

  • Posted Wed, Dec 16, 2020 4:00 PM

There has been lots of rumours and fake news being spread about the new Covid-19 vaccines, and some people view all vaccines with suspicion. 

The vaccine is being rolled out across the UK to different at risk groups first. As more people become protected against the virus, we can start to see normality returning to our lives. 

Vaccines are still a worry for some, so we've debunked some of the common vaccines myths for you.

There has also been talk recently about a new mutated strain of the virus and how it can spread more quickly. 

What does this mean for the vaccine?

This doesn't mean the vaccines won't work. Vaccines induce the body to create a range of antibodies against many regions of the spike protein. It is unlikely that a single change would make the vaccine less effective. 

However, several changes over months and years may mean these current vaccines are LESS effective rather than INEFFECTIVE. 

It is possible mutations make the virus an easier target for vaccines. 

All viruses mutate when they replicate and most mutations don't change anything. Covid-19 mutates at half the rate of the flu and a quarter of the rate of HIV. (Information from Dr Karanr)

Being informed and knowing when headlines or social media is sensationalising information is very important in this current climate. Ask yourself questions before sharing information that might now be entirely factual. If you're not sure - ask! 

Remember, we have two testing sites on campus for symptomatic and asymptomatic test. You can find out more information here

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