What is a manifesto and why should I read it?

Voting Week is coming! Check out more on what a manifesto is and why you should read the candidates' manifestos before deciding on who you should vote for!

  • Posted Wed, Mar 8, 2023 4:05 PM

Elections are in full swing which means you’ll soon be able to read the manifestos of the students who have decided to run this year! Let’s go through what manifestos actually are and why it’s important to read them before casting your vote during Voting Week (Monday 20th - Friday 24th March)!

What exactly is a Manifesto?

A manifesto is a public declaration of principles, goals, and intentions, often issued by a political party, organisation, or individual. It’s a document that outlines a set of ideas or beliefs and serves as a call to action for others who share those ideas.

In the context of the Union Elections, a manifesto is a statement of the aims and goals of your upcoming Elected Officers.

The nomination period has ended, which means that now the candidates are competing to earn your vote during Voting Week (Monday 20th - Friday 24th March). To achieve this, each candidate will develop a manifesto detailing their reasons for running and the initiatives they plan to implement if elected as an Elected Officer.

Okay, so why should I read the candidate manifestos?

You can discover which candidates' objectives and goals resonate with you the most by reading through their manifestos, helping you decide who to support!

Reading the manifestos will help you to be prepared for voting week, candidates will be eager to get your support and you will be asked A LOT if you have voted. Why? Because it’s kind of a big deal and your voice matters! The candidates in the running are the future of your Union and play a key role in implementing change at the University. By being informed when you cast your vote, you become an essential participant in shaping the future of the Union!

Get set for voting week by being a step ahead of the game! Take some time while reading the manifestos to highlight the points that resonate with you. Consider if they align with your expectations from the Union and if they address your needs. It's crucial to ensure that your vote represents your voice, and doing your research is the key to achieving that.

Once you've taken this step, you'll be all set to make an informed vote and make a difference!

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