StArt Talking Week is Back

The 20th to the 24th of April is StART Talking Week! It’s a time to have quality conversations with your Course Reps and feedback on your course.

  • Posted Fri, Apr 17, 2020 12:44 PM

What is StART?

StART Talking week returns! And now more digital than ever. In November 2017 we created the StART tool, which was designed to capture conversations between course reps and students no matter what course you’re on, with great success.

So, StART stands for Student and Academic Representation Tool - which is a mouthful, we know. When you StART talking (see what we did there) student representatives, whether Sabbs or Course Reps, collect your feedback on a range of topics that are important to you.

Once you’ve submitted your feedback, it gets sent to your Course Rep (or student representative) and then a copy also goes to our Insights team for analysis - which means that we can help drive forward the changes that you want. You can submit feedback on any topic you like, from Union activity to something about your course.

Top tip! Your feedback doesn’t have to be a concern or issue you might be having at University. If you’ve got something you think has been a success on your course, tell your course rep about it. The StART tool gives you the opportunity to submit neutral and positive feedback too.

So what’re you waiting for? 

What is StART Talking Week?

We’re glad you asked. StART Talking Week is happening from the 20th - 24th of April 2020 and tends to take place three times throughout the year.

So, your Course Reps attend Student Voice Committee meetings three times a year and this is where they represent your voice to their course leaders and staff within the faculty. While we’d always encourage you to StART talking to your Course Reps, these weeks are vital to make sure that you are heard.

Not only does it help your Course Reps feedback to the staff teams on your course, it also lets us drive the academic representation work that we do at the Union, providing us with the data we need to analyse to shape the work of the Union and how it supports you.

Plus there’s prizes! Win, win, right? Every StART Talking Week the Union enters everyone who fills out the tool into a prize draw. And this StART Talking Week, you decide what you win! Head to Instagram and follow @portsmouthsu - we’ll be asking what you’d like to see as prizes during the week.

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