Your Elected Officer's Pledge to You

Your Officers respond to the latest Government guidance on travelling home for Christmas and have made some pledges from your feedback to make sure your views are represented

Our Pledge to Students!

Following the government guidelines on Student Movement and Plans for the End of Term we wanted to update you on how we will support you through this time. 

It is our firm belief that the Government’s guidance on the mass travelling of students and the full movement to online teaching is detrimental to our students. 

We believe that there has not been enough clarity from the government and take issue with how this has been communicated. The guidance portrays students as a collective group with the same lived experience. This is not the case and contributes hugely to a clear lack of understanding and appreciation for the welfare of students at this time, particularly for those that cannot return home. There are many barriers that prevent students from travelling home in this travel window. The guidance fails to reflect this in several ways: 

  • There is no clear guidance to show how those students who cannot, or chose not to, go home over Christmas will be supported when staying on campus, particularly international students.
  • There is no consideration for the financial implications this will have on students. The cost of public transport will significantly increase before Christmas and due to the sheer volume of students who will now be travelling during this period. This also fails to reflect students who have already pre-booked travel or who may be unable to return within the timeline provided.   
  • There is no guidance on what students should do if they fail to travel back home in the travel window, and the implications of this are not known.

However we are supportive of the proposal to conduct mass testing of students. Not only will this help prevent the spread of further Covid-19 infection, it also means that students can go home knowing that they are keeping themselves and their loved ones safe.

The pandemic has raised many uncertainties and anxieties amongst students, and we will continue to ensure that ALL students will be supported in each individual way. We have been listening to your feedback and what is important to you, therefore we pledge to do the following: 

We pledge to... Work with the University to ensure all students have the opportunity to get tested for Covid-19 if they are choosing to travel home for Christmas.

We pledge to… Ensure that the University’s plans for students who are travelling home are safe and effective.

We pledge to… Lobby the University to provide clarity and reassurance that students will get the support they need if they chose not to, or cannot, go home for Christmas, for whatever reason that may be. This will include measures to ensure that no student is lonely, welfare and wellbeing support, access to food parcels and essentials if you need to self-isolate, and continuation of the hardship fund. 

We pledge to… Lobby the University to implement ‘No Detriment’ practices ready for the examination period and return to study in January. This is to ensure that students’ grades will not suffer due to the sudden changes to online learning and heavy impact upon their studies. 

We pledge to… Partner with the University to support the delivery of activities for students over the 7 week period.

We pledge to… Continue to listen to YOU as students and work for your best interests at this time. 

If you have any questions, email us at 

If you have any concerns that these changes will affect your course, the Advice Service is open Monday to Friday, 10am - 4pm. Get in touch with our advisors by emailing or phoning 02392843478

Please continue to follow the national restrictions until 2nd December, and look out on our website and our social media to keep up to date on what events are happening.

The UPSU Elected Officer Team

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