University Mythbusting 2021

Our Mythbusting guide for 2021 to put you at ease for your great new adventure!

Over the last 18 months, we've heard a lot of rumours, fake news and half truths, so it can be really confusing as to what information you really need to know, and what might be a bit of a fib. 

Have a look at what myths and Uni we've busted for you!

“First Year Doesn’t Count”

Although, generally it doesn’t count towards your overall degree classification, you do need to do the work and pass your first year at uni.

There are many ways that your final degree classification is calculated taking into account your overall grade from each year - meaning that sometimes, they do take your First Year into consideration. So maybe skip a night out or two and work on your assignments!


“You don’t have to go to lectures, especially online ones”

Actually, you do.

And if you don’t turn up to the majority of your lectures, you’ll find the university will contact you about why.

You should really go to all of your lectures. You are paying for them after all! With the continuation of blended learning elements of your study, you need to make sure you're going to your lectures, online or in person, to make sure you get the information you need for your submissions and exams. Lecturers won’t pull you up if you miss one or two of their classes, but if you’re consistently missing - they do worry!


“All Socials are Drinking Socials”

Did you know that in Great Britain in 2017, one-fifth (20%) of adults aged 16 and over said that they do not drink alcohol?* 

Lots of societies are now doing non- or low-alcohol socials, so there is no need to worry about feeling left out. Societies do films nights, trips, events, board game nights and so many other socials where ‘down it fresher’ will not ring through the room multiple times in an evening. There will be plenty for your to get involved with, with or without a drink!



“The cleaners will do everything”

This is the fastest way to become unpopular in halls, with the staff and your flatmates. If you are in halls, you’ll find that the cleaners will take care of the communal spaces - but only if the space is respected. You can’t expect to have a wild party and not do any of the clean up. Pull your weight and put your empties in the trash - and don’t be surprised if the room isn’t cleaned if you leave it in a terrible state.

As a rule of thumb: wash your dishes (sooner rather than later), throw out old food, wash your clothes and bedsheets (regularly) and hoover (once in a while). 


“You’ll Spend Hundreds of Pounds on a Textbook and you’ll only Read a Paragraph”

Textbooks can be expensive. BUT there are cheaper solutions out there.

The University Library is a great place to find your textbooks, and for many of the key texts, they have multiple copies for students to borrow.

You can also look at the ‘used’ options on Amazon, or try eBay. There is also a Facebook page for UoP Second Hand Text Books, where students will sell on their used textbooks from previous years. If you can find online copies too, that’s great! Just make sure to triple check your references. You don’t need to be spending your entire student loan on books - promise!


“You’ll live off tins of baked beans”

And it won’t even be the good branded kind.

If you choose to spend all your student loan on nights out and takeaways (and maybe textbooks) in the first few weeks, this might be true. But if you make sure to have a weekly food budget - and stick to it - you’ll be fine.

Yes there may be frugal weeks but you won’t ever starve. When your loan comes in, bulk buy some cupboard essentials - pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes (yes, beans too) and you’ll be able to whip up something decent to eat.

During Welcome Month 2021, we'll be hosting some Cooking Demonstrations at the Union, where you can come along to learn how to make different, student-friendly meals. You might even get to try it too! (A uni students two favourite words... free food!)


“You’ll meet your best friend on the first day”

Now that is just statistically unlikely (sorry!). Don't put too much pressure on yourself to find your BFF in your first few days, weeks or even the first term. Unfortunately, life is not like a movie, where the first person who knocks on your door turns out to be your bridesmaid and the fun aunt or uncle to your children. 

There are lots of places to meet new people and make new friends - your house or flatmates, in class, in groups and societies, student mixers and Union events! Friends can turn up in the most unlikely of places!



Uni isn't as big and scary as you might think.

There is a lot of help, advice and support, especially from the Students' Union. If there is anything you are worried about when you start, speak to the Union Advice Service.


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