Introducing your new Learning Experience Officer Elect

We are pleased to say that Kajetan Albin (who ran for the role in the March elections) will be taking up the post of Learning Experience Officer for the 2023-24 academic year.

  • Posted Wed, May 31, 2023 1:02 PM

Following the news that Suzie Dunn, the Learning Experience Officer Elect, will not be taking up the role of Elected Officer for the coming year, after receiving a long term job offer, we wanted to provide you with an update…

We are very pleased to say that Kajetan Albin (who ran for the role in the Student Elections in March) has accepted the role as Learning Experience Officer Elect and is very excited to join the Officer Elect team. The Union team is now currently working on getting all the formal paperwork completed with Kajetan, ready to start his term as Officer, as well as supporting him to catch up with the other Officer Elects in their induction.

Kajetan is very enthusiastic to take up the role, he had the following to say about the opportunity, 

“Per aspera ad astra. There is much work to do this year and I'm very excited to be at the helm with other elected officers and UPSU, I cannot wait to make both UPSU and the University a better place than before.” 

Kajetan will be working on his manifesto points for the 2023-24 Academic year as well as listening to the student voice to improve student’s learning experience. You can view the Officer Elect Manifesto Pack to see Kajetan’s and the other Elects manifesto points.

How did we decide who would fill the role of Learning Experience Officer?

After consulting with the Deputy Returning (DRO) and Returning Officers (RO), the Union decided to rerun the Learning Experience Officer election, removing Suzie Dunn and transferring her votes, to ensure that those that had voted Suzie as their first choice still had their votes counted. We believe this is the fairest way to decide who should be in the role. 

The results showed that Kajetan Albin was elected as Learning Experience Officer. The original ballot results and reran ballot results 

can be found below. Our DRO and RO both verified and were happy with this result.

Original results

Results after removal of Suzie Dunn and transfer of votes

Anna, the Union’s CEO then contacted Kajetan by phone to offer him the role, which he was very excited about and provided his formal response accepting the role via email.

Who are the other Officer Elects?

If you missed it, we announced your Officer Team for the 2023-24 academic year at the end of March. They are as follows:

  • Temidayo Dosunmu, Development Officer
  • Maizey Annear, Democracy & Campaigns Officer
  • Ines Brzychcyk, Welfare Officer
  • Marija Solic, Academic Representation Officer
  • Kajetan Albin, Learning Experience Officer

You can read all of their manifestos here.

Keep your eyes peeled over the summer as we introduce the new team and say farewell to your beloved 2022-23 outgoing Officer team.

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