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Below is a list of all of our inactive student groups. This means that they currently do not have an elected committee or membership base.

If you want to adopt one of our Inactive groups all you need to do is make sure you have at least a President, Secretary and Treasurer ready to take on the running of the group and email to express your interest.

Ahlul Bayt

The UoP Ahlulbayt Society is an Islamic society uniting Muslims for the love of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his progeny. 

Airsoft Society

 A society that promotes and engages in the sport of Airsoft. 

Albanian Group

The Albanian Society is centred around bringing together the Albanian community at UOP and celebrating the Albanian culture. 

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Society

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Society is for people of all skill sets and backgrounds who want to learn or practice robotics skills & knowledge.

Assassins Society

The place to run a series of non-lethal games of mock-assassination where players are designated a target which they then must hunt down whilst being targeted themselves. 

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