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Welcome to a new Vegan Society 


We welcome anyone looking or interested in veganism. Or maybe you're vegan, in which case you've found your place! The Vegan Society is currently in the early stages of development. We are setting things up and moving forward every week with huge progress. Stay tuned via our socials for any announcements. Until then, you can join us down below to officially register as a member of the society.


Meeting locations and times are yet to be scheduled. We will be announcing this on our Instagram and Discord (yet to be set up). 


We have many ideas of what we would like to set out and achieve. You can check out our "2023" story reel on Instagram of what we are aiming for.

If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see happen with the society, feel free to message us! 


  • You do not need to be vegan to join us 
  • Students and staff are welcome, however, staff aren't able to officially sign up due to not having a student ID which is necessary for the UPSU website.
  • Our Discord server is linked in our instagram bio
  • We also still have some committee roles available for anyone interested in helping us launch.
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