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Hello and welcome! You've found your way to the page for all things boardy and gamey at Portsmouth, and we're so glad you've made it.

We are a non-paid, non-stress, and non-athletic society devoted to the playing and enjoyment of board games, and we are always glad for company. Regardless of your journey so far, the course you're on, your experience with board games, or how many deadlines you have due in the next week, we always meet on a Sunday afternoon (1pm start) in the Union building.

We aim to create a stress-free, relaxing environment for all our members to unwind and play. As a society we have a wide range of games of all genres, but members are encouraged to bring in anything from home ~ we have more than enough at our disposal to keep going until well past sundown (midnight by the latest), serving as the perfect end to your week!

As a free society, anyone is welcome to join us for as long as they are able, and you don't need to be consistent; we'll always be there if you fancy stopping by, and we're not the kind of bunch to turn down a new game!

Aside from our Sunday meetings, we are loking to extend our activities this year, including (but not limited to!): regular socials to the Board Game lounge DICE (however sponsored it may sound, we cannot recommend them highly enough to fellow board game enjoyers), a wide range of cross society socials with our likke-minded fellows, and some new digital/remote socials for people who may not be able to make it to us in person.

If any of this is sounding like your cup of tea then please don't hesitate to drop by. Our first social of this year will be Sunday the 25th of September, and from then on we'll be non-stop, every Sunday, every week, every month. If we ever need to move location, then we'll put posts out on our Discord (linked below) and our Facebook (, and we'll give plenty of warnings in person too.

For the coming year, the gracious folk in 'control' of this peaceful parliament of gamers are as follows;

Our Events secretary is the gracious Helena (she/her), with Louis (he/they) 'the goober' Social media Secretary backing her up. Sensational Suzie (she/her) is our welfare Secretary for the year, who is mainly tasked with making sure that Alex (he/him) the Vice President doesn't get into too much trouble. As for the terrible twosome, Norbert (he/him) is our Secretary this year, with Harvey Bishop (he/him) guarding the Treasury as best he can.

And finally there's me, serving as your new king of Board Games, one Mx Joshua Osborne.

We look forward to seeing you at the tables, and as always, stay classy gamers.

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