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Welcome to the Cinema Society! We aim on creating an environment that is both friendly and relaxed, for lovers of all types of films.

 Societies are amazing groups, but some people may feel under pressure to be good at a certain hobby or have a lot of knowledge on a subject to join them; The Cinema Society is simply a place for people to gather and watch films together, whilst also getting the opportunity to gain new friends and a community. We have many fun events and activities planned for members, including but not limited to:

- Screenings every Friday

- Discounted cinema trips to Vue and the independent No.6 Cinema

- Joint viewing with other societies, with films that relate to their group

- Purple Wednesday (Portsmouth's student night- a chance for many fun film-themed costumes!)

- Pub trips after screenings

- A huge review book so that each member can write their thoughts down after a viewing, allowing us to look back at our thoughts and opinions at the end of the year. 

- Holiday events: Christmas meals, Halloween gatherings and more

- Merchandise; an opportunity to get a Cinema Society themed item to wear and show off!


We really look forward to meeting you at the Freshers Faire, and hope to see you in our future screenings!

And In case we don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.




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