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We are the Mandarin Society, ran by Mandarin students at the University of Portsmouth and we welcome anybody of any language ability to join us. Whether you want to join for our social events or engage in our academic pursuits there will be a space for all.

The purpose of our society is to connect those who love the language and to connect those who share the love of the cultural aspects that follow. We run events every week such as eating out at various restaurants, Monday’s Chinese food day and nightlife based experiences also.  We are planning trips to Chinatown and we have music nights to help the group stay connected. For more academic pursuits, we are regularly in the library practicing our Mandarin which we also do outside of the library always in a group.

Whilst just starting, we will split the group into segments for those who purely wish to just speak Mandarin and those who prefer to speak English whilst learning Mandarin due to confidence and ability levels. Nobody in our society will be mocked nor segregated against based on their language ability, as learning a language is a place for all and we all knew nothing before we knew something. We make it very clear that everybody has a place here. We at Portsmouth want to represent our interests and belonging to a society is a great opportunity to express ourselves.

If anybody has any questions feel free to contact our members on our Instagram account or our email and we will respond. Thank you for your time.




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