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Hi, welcome to our page!

The University of Portsmouth Rounders Society is a group of likeminded people who enjoy team sport, want to meet new people and have fun. We welcome people of all abilities and offer a trial session before subscribing, so come along and see how you get on!  

Who are we?

Our committee members include Alexia Lee (President), Theo Harries-Kendall (Vice President), Annabelle Calder (RAG and Events Secretary), Millie Holloway (Club Activator), Amy Doran (Treasurer) and Phe Mhlongo (Club Secretary). 

Training Sessions and Matches

We currently hold training sessions on a Wednesday and Saturday from 1:30-3:30 at Bransbury Park, Portsmouth. Matches are also arranged against other universities' rounders societies in which we will either host or organise travel to and from; matches are always great fun and an exciting experience! 

Events and Society Nights

Other events we organise or take part in include joint society sporting events, pub golf and evening meals with the society. If you enjoy a night out, we meet every week to go to Purple Wednesday at Popworld, a student clubbing event, which provides the perfect experience to meet new people and have a laugh! 

If this is something that interests you feel free to come along to one of our training sessions for a taster of what the Rounders Society has to offer. 

Group Memberships

Full Membership (6010/177)

Full Annual Membership until 1 August, 2023

Expires on 1 August 2023

Committee membership (6010/177)

Full annual Committee membership 22/23

Expires on 1 August 2023

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